BonFeu Classic Fire Bowls 60cm diameter


Ø 60 cm | FB3.600C

With a BonFeu fire bowl you bring a real eye-catcher into your garden! The BonFeu fire bowls are of high quality and guarantee years of pleasure, warmth and cosiness on your terrace. Available in 2 diameters there is always a fire bowl matching your expectations.

Because of its timeless design the BonFeu fire bowls fit perfectly in both the modern and classic garden. With the decorative cut-out logo the fire bowl distinguishes itself from all other fire bowls. It makes the fire bowl unique. The raised rim prevents ash and wood to fall out of the garden.

For the drainage the garden fire bowl is provided with four holes, so that rainwater can easily flow out and does not remain in the bowl. The garden fire stands on a short foot which makes it stable to place. The BonBowls can also be used for cooking with our complementary Broiling Board.

Made of 3mm thick Corten Steel

The BonFeu collection consists of high-quality products. Therefore, many BonFeu products are made of 3mm thick CortenSteel.

CortenSteel, also known under the brand name COR-TEN steel, is a metal alloy consisting of iron to which copper, phosphorus, silicon, nickel and chromium have been added. Its strength is comparable to that of other alloy steels such as stainless steel. Corten steel is a weatherproof steel and the brown rust colour is the most typical external characteristic. The rust-coloured and very dense oxide skin shields the deeper material from oxygen, which greatly slows down oxidation, although in cavities that are full of water, corrosion does continue. Due to the oxide film it is not necessary to paint the material.


  • Available in 60 cm diameter
  • Material: Corten steel
  • Thickness of material: 3 mm
  • Color: Rusty brown




BonFeu BonPlancha Full Circle 
Round plancha with handles. It is possible to cook on the plancha while watching the fire burn through the open circle.
» BonPlancha Ø 60cm | VBP6.600

BonFeu BonGrill Full Circle
The BonGrill is made to create a unique barbecue experience. The BonGrill is made out of steel and executed with handles for easy and optimal use.
» BonGrill Ø 60cm | VGR6.600

BonFeu Spatula
This Spatula is a real essential for every cook who enjoys cooking outdoors. This can be on a barbecue, but of course also on the BonFeu BonBiza and the BonFeu BonVes. The BonFeu spatula completes your cooking experience.
» Spatula | STB


BBQ Accessories

BonFeu Bonplancha (80cm)


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BonFeu 1/2 Grill (60cm) FireBowl


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BonFeu 1/2 Grill (80cm) FireBowl


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BonFeu Ring for Skewers


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